Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Joe Biden says . . .

Joe Biden says America hasn't lived up to her promises. If he were talking about "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness," I'd agree with him. He's all for snuffing out lives full of potential before they get a chance to be born, and some after they are born. If he were talking about the percent of black babies who are aborted (more blacks aborted in 4 days than 80 years of lynching) I'd say yes. If he were talking about the miserable showing the "woke" graduates of our colleges and universities infecting the businesses that hire them, I could agree.

But he's not.

If he were talking about the failed politicians returning to positions of power and wealth for over 40 years, politicians like himself, I'd be cheering him on.

But he's not.

He's talking about blaming Trump and the 75,000,000 million Americans Biden's now trying to "cancel" so they can't get jobs in government, industry, academe, entertainment, or any other respectable activity. So if you believe America is great, the way Donald Trump did, with all kinds of possibilities and gifts for the world, if you think America First is a great slogan, the way millions did, get ready for your deprogramming.

Get ready for lectures and workshops and sermons on "anti-racism."

Get ready for self-hate and despising Western Civilization.

Get ready for the truly fascist system the Democrats are putting in place as government and big industry (Big Tech, oligarchies) work together to strip you of your freedom of speech and your freedom of religion while destroying your wealth.

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