Saturday, January 16, 2021

Trump and the false narrative

From a friend:

What must President Trump feel like today at the end of four years of serving this country with boundless energy, total commitment to righting a sinking ship, courage in the face of incredible opposition, denigration and betrayal over and over by the self-serving and corrupt, and a total lack of gratitude by the portion of the citizenry who have chosen to embrace the false narrative of the media and are blinded from recognizing all he has done for this country? To think he took no salary for himself for four years—donating it all to worthy causes.

And now, his opposition is not satisfied with his term coming to an end. They are trying to destroy him as a soon-to-be private citizen, by closing his personal bank account, cutting off funding for his business enterprises, canceling a PGA event at one of his golf courses, banning him from most social media, etc. Dissent and disagreement are one thing: malice, vengeance, and retribution are another.

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