Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Comments on the week's events by my friend and I agree

 Right now “I am mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!”  Trump never acted very “presidential,” but he got things done. His accomplishments have been historic in numbers and in dimension. He was elected because people were tired of the establishment politicians of both parties failures to deliver what they promised and their party and power over what is best for the country attitude. 

 I resent being lectured about morality when the left including politicians, corporations, news media and social media fail to call out the left for any transgressions. They are clearly working to silence anyone who dares to disagree with them. 

 Where was this outrage from Elected Democrats in 2020 while cities literally destroyed by the far left loonies?  Destroying businesses and thus innocent peoples’ livelihoods was termed block parties. Federal buildings and police stations were attacked. Where was the outrage by the rest of the left. Oh but let a small group of loonie rightists break into their place of business ( the capital) and they go apoplectic!  The hypocrisy is enormous. 

 I believe the election was unfair. Democrats have been bending the rules and creating fraudulent votes for years. The only reason they do not want voter ID is so fraudulent votes can be cast. They didn’t let the Covid “crisis go to waste.”  They rushed out mail in ballots to everyone on their dirty registration roles with little , if any, verification that those voters are still alive, live at the address of record, or are even citizens. In PA Democrat counties allowed voters to correct their ballots and Republican counties did not because they followed the law. In GA signatures were verified on in person voting but not on mail in ballots. The list goes on. Democrats spent four plus years trying to destroy Trump because he dared to call them names, he wasn’t one of them and he was being successful. They ginned up so much hate against him but no one ever called them out for promoting violence. No, that is reserved for Republicans only. 

 I must add that Judicial Watch has successfully sued a number of states forcing them to clean their voter registration roles. Thousands of names have been removed from the rolls in those states. But many states have not done this yet. 

 Yes, I know Trump isn’t likable , but his policies snd accomplishments have have resonated with so many people. They love him. What has Biden ever done?  Trump had thousands of people at rallies all over the country. Biden barely campaigned and when he did he’d got a handful of cars attending. How did he get so many more votes than Obama did?

My husband and I will be very active politically over the next few years. We will take a stand against all this politically correct nonsense and censorship. We will promote liberty and self-reliance and personal responsibility. We will try to do this with love even though it keeps getting harder to do so with all the hate that the left has generated. 

 Remember, the left has already done or is doing everything bad they accuse the right of doing whether or not the right is actually doing anything wrong.  Another thought - It is just so rich that the Democrats talk about coming together now that they have won. How dare they suggest that after they have spent four plus years throwing dirt at everyone Republican!  Yes, we should try to compromise, but Democrats have pushed too far. If they are not careful there could be a revolution. 

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