Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The military show of force and the deprogramming demands

Counting all the rallies for Trump, including the one in DC on December 12th which drew tens of thousands, there were probably over a million people at his rallies and none were violent or even left a pile of trash the way the left does. But the one on the 12th was to let our Congress know that half of the country wanted to "Stop the Steal." All the legal ways were being blocked. Could you got 100 people at a protest in the summer by the Left without busting up windows or burning police cars.

So why the big show now? The voters who were following the rules to question an election, were blocked at every turn, and were vilified by Democrats even though their party had done the same in 2000 and 2016. Then Big Tech jumped in with a show of force that makes the Capitol mob look like kindergartners. I think this massing of military force is just to further adjust us to the totalitarian government Biden will bring with him. A number of high profile Democrats are threatening to take your children and reeducate them because Trump supporters are part of a cult. It's not legal to deprogram a Moonie or a homosexual, but Trump supporters are fair game. They have no ideas, only threats.

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