Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Some causes may be scams

There must be hundreds of scams out there willing to separate you from your stimulus check. The one I heard this morning could well be on the up and up, but let it be a reminder about all those that aren't.
A very young, very white man was featured on our local a.m. news appealing for a go-fund-me campaign to use YOUR stimulus check to be repurposed for his idea to help those who've fallen on hard times. He began with reasonable comments about "through no fault of their own" and went on to "systemic racism." Sorry, Charlie. Most of the people hurting are those who had a good job, a hopeful future in a good economy, perhaps the best in their lifetime. They weren't poor, they were ambitious, had a decent education, and even had some savings and investments which are being used up. The speaker was marketing a SJW brand in my opinion. 

Most poor and low income people are white, most of the children not being supervised for on-line schooling are white, most of the people missing rent and mortgage payments are white. The vast majority of those with Covid19 are white. I realize that doesn't sell well in a time of racialist hawkers, but it's a fact. 

Small businesses, mom and pop stores with a few employees have been devastated, the entertainment and leisure industry has been decimated, non-profits have had to lay off excellent staff, all while massive big box and on-line services have thrived due to the mismanagement of governors and mayors who shut down a thriving economy. 

There are hundreds of non-profits, churches and charitable organizations that have been vetted who need our help. They are trying to help those not in the government maze of transfer programs for food, housing, education, and health. If you don't know any established charities or churches, ask a neighbor or DuckDuckGo. Food pantries can use your money to purchase food for emergency use, someone in your own family or neighborhood may not be able to meet a mortgage payment or pay the insurance bill, someone you know has died and her family needs help.
Don't fall for the racism scam. True charity is biblical, healthy and more holy than fake guilt and wokeism.

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