Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Joe is not a moderate

Joe Biden stopped being a moderate years ago. He's so in debt to the left wing of his party. The man (and his vice president) who couldn't even make it through the early primaries in years past (I think he got 1% in 2008 and she got about the same in 2020) is now president because they dragged him over the finish line with the blessing of the black left. Not that Bernie would have been better; he's just more honest about who he is. I think Democrats dumped him in the past because of his lies about his education and plagiarism and she blamed Democrats for being racist for not choosing her. What a team!

As reported, "Biden promises a return to international abortion funding, Title X dollars, taxpayer-funded abortion on demand, legalized infanticide, pro-abortion Supreme Court justices, and Obama-era strong-arm tactics against faith-based groups who object to abortion coverage in health care." Planned no-Parenthood contributed $45 million to the 2020 campaign, 3x what it gave Hillary Clinton, yet PP uses half a billion of our tax money to move their money around on the ledger so it can kill more babies legally and donate to a candidate who will do its bidding.

Infanticide and harassing Christians--yet the media want us to compare character qualities between him and a real patriot.

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