Monday, January 25, 2021

Tuskegee was a tragedy, but let's move on

I think it's time for racialists in the medical field to stop blaming the suspicion of vaccines among blacks on the Tuskegee experiment conducted between 1932-1972 by the public health service of the U.S. Get your butt out there and start flooding the churches, schools, stores, buses, clinics and neighborhoods with pro-vaccine information. Go after them like you did the vote in Georgia.  There are millions of blacks working in the medical field--they've got phones, they've got networks. Go after them, and stop trying to make political hay.  Try reprogramming them instead of Republicans who disagree with ABC or CNN.

We had two governors of very populous states, California and New York, expressing suspicion and distrust all during the Trump efforts to get the virus under control. He gave them both additional money, our money, to ramp up their treatments, and the thanks he got was, "No thanks, sucker." The blame is a whole lot closer than 1932. 

We've got CNN and MSNBC who have been complicit in the misinformation, and are now all kissy face with Biden and wanting to close down any dissenting voice and reprogram Republicans. How's that for good science? Biden's now told us that there's nothing he can do, after months of criticizing President Trump from his basement and saying he had a full proof plan. He has returned to the basement to catch a nap.

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