Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Two lies I’m sick of hearing

There are two lies circulating these last few years that I am sick of reading/hearing. Whatever truth or impact the writer could have is lost on me because of their own bias. Like this one in today's WSJ

"As the Trump Presidency ends in the disgrace of the Capitol riot, an effort is already underway to erase everything in the last four years as disgraceful too. That’s a lie—a Big Lie, to borrow the cliché of the moment. Donald Trump’s profound character flaws need to be separated from what so many people in his Administration accomplished for the country."

The riot and character flaws. The Capitol riot is the responsibility of the mob or confused people who did it. It was not nearly as expensive, blood letting and horrifying as watching our major cities go up in flames this summer, pretending to be protests over racism and the death of George Floyd. The media are not carrying his speech of that day, or the information the FBI now has about the planning that went into it. If Trump had stayed in bed with a cold, the mob still would have pulled it off, because all we do know is the Capitol police didn't get their back up that was requested. And that needs to be investigated thoroughly. The stand down and defund chatter is from the left, not the right. Yes, try sending social workers in to handle mobs. Democrat mayors think that's OK.

With no evidence and no trial, the Leftists in government who still fear Trump's power and his high ratings are covering their own tracks in this travesty. Compare the character flaw of Biden supporting abortion for any reason right through the 9th month--including no reason--with the character flaws of our President. There's no question which man is deeply and irrevocably flawed.

Compare the character flaws of Biden's relationship with Ukraine and China with Trump's flaws in judgement with foreign nations, and again, it's just laughable. What isn't laughable is we will never have the 24/7 spying on Biden by the press even while he's in bed with the media hair sniffing and fondling.

And the other big lie I'm sick of is "systemic racism." That phrase is thrown around so frequently it has become old wall paper for the mind. I see it in every article about education, sports, entertainment, banking, real estate, religion, food, obesity, diabetes, smoking, HIV, the trades, marriage and family, college, and hair styles. Essentially, these writers who seem to be paid by the number of times the word "racism" appears in their piece or speech are saying the lives, achievements and values of black Americans are worth nothing unless they surpass or beat down white, Asian and Hispanic Americans. I'm sick of it. They are the highly paid bosses of the field hands charged with making blacks feel worthless and down trodden and whites feel like power houses who can make others of a different race fail just by existing.

Stop it!!

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