Thursday, January 21, 2021

All for the guy who promises unity—Joe Biden

In a show of totalitarianism, the folks who called Trump and Bush Hitler, show how it's really done. They don't mess around.

"This force—at least four times the deployment for Trump’s heavily and even violently protested inauguration in 2017—far exceeds the number of all serving U.S. personnel in the Middle East. It has no precedent on American soil at any time since the Civil War. And even this wasn’t thought sufficient to deter Trumpian mischief. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly wanted the Guard armed with high-caliber machine guns and requested that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff deprive Trump of constitutional military prerogatives prior to his leaving office. At least one Democratic congressman wondered in a televised interview whether the guardsmen could be trusted since so many of them are white males, statistically likely to have voted for Trump, and therefore suspect in his eyes. "

Papers, Please | City Journal (

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