Thursday, January 14, 2021

News of the incoming rulers

AOC has called for the "liberation" of the southern states. They aren't red states, she says, they are oppressed. And that's not a call for violence? That's worse than anything President Trump has ever said.

Get ready to open your wallets for the new regime. "On Thursday night President-elect Joe Biden will describe some of his plans for multitrillion-dollar spending increases. Before long he’ll also tell us about his tax increases. And they aren’t going to be small. A new report from the Tax Foundation says the Biden plan would impose the industrialized world’s highest income tax rate on business. Research from around the world says that wouldn’t be kind to workers, either." (WSJ Best of the Web, Jan. 14, 2021)
This should drive businesses to other countries, stifle growth, and puff up the salaries of government bureaucrats.

Google has bought Fitbit. . . and all our data. The funniest sentence in their announcement is: "we will maintain strong data privacy and security protections, giving you control of your data and staying transparent about what we collect and why. "

Sooooo. . . . I think we understand CONTROL. We have none.

Kristen Clarke, Biden's choice for Civil Rights, thinks blacks are superior in every way to whites and Asians. And it's not just culture, they are born superior. That should work well with our Civil Rights laws.

Joe Biden has selected 14 executives from Big Tech, the crowd that doesn't believe in the basic American values of free speech. Even a month ago he'd already added to his team Zaid Zaid, a former special assistant to the president and associate White House counsel under the Obama Administration and current team member at FACEBOOK'S public policy, Strategic Response, who will serve on the review teams for the Department of State and International Development, FACEBOOK'S manager of governance & strategic initiatives Christopher Upperman, who will serve on the Small Business Administration and FACEBOOK'S director & associate general counsel of strategic response Rachel Lieber, who will serve on the review team for the Intelligence Community.

So just to review, he's packing Department of State, SBA and government intelligence with FACEBOOK loyalists. What could possibly go wrong? FB already has data on millions and millions of Americans and foreigners.

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