Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Both parties, but mainly Democrats are destroying the country

Democrats objected to the 2016 election because Trump won legally—using the electoral college vote which is the constitutional way, not the popular vote, which Democrats won. They went insane. Pink hat parades, attacking people in restaurants, finding a few Russian robots on Facebook, demanding the deaths of viable babies, launching impeachment even before the inauguration, screaming at us from late night TV and evening news hours on CNN. 80% of U.S. voters, including millions of Democrats, have claimed foul play in 2020. Some at the local and state level, but most for the presidential and Senate elections. 70,000,000 who voted for Trump see something illegal either in the night of the election or the mail in process (which is not absentee, btw) and all the rushed state controlled rules on how to run an election.

We have to face it. Democrats are just more clever and more evil. And Republicans are spineless and chasing rainbows. I hope you’re proud of your party, Democrats, and your media which pulled off 5 years of lying and deception beginning with the ride down the escalator of Trump in 2015, and your entertainment industry which chased the BLM and the MeToo movements despite decades of promoting the degradation of women and the ridiculing of blacks to make millions, and your welfare system which takes from the middle class to give to the rich while holding back the poor, and your shredded plastic Constitution. Congratulations, Democrats, you've destroyed a grand experiment, and we can't say we weren't warned.

The leadership of both parties has shown they don't really want lower taxes, or freedom of speech and religion, or freedom from middle East oil control, or an economic wall against Communist China, or legal immigration, or the end to foreign wars that drain our blood and treasure, or the end of miles of red tape and acres of swamp land for sale in DC.

President Trump was mistaken. Our citizens really didn't want fair trade, or legal immigration, or good jobs for minorities. Our citizens didn't really want smaller government or freedom. They wanted to be taken care of. The leaders of both parties wanted the status quo, they want to go back to making all the deals in the back room with collusion of the media and the king makers in industry. They want power and wealth. By theft, by lying, by rigged trials and courts, and boxes of found ballots in the middle of the night.

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