Thursday, January 21, 2021

It’s showtime—time to put part timers and teens out of work

The minimum wage is showtime for Democrats. FDR used it in the 1930s to destroy the economy for black communities so they couldn't compete with their own free labor and outbid whites. Very few employers have been paying federal minimum for years, and only 4% of wage earners are paid state minimum. Wal-Mart's minimum is $14.76. Ohio's is $8.70, California $13.00, New York City $15. And right now, with the lockdown, the no job wage is whatever check the government is giving people. Democrats like to trot it out as "caring for the poor" while keeping our economy locked down, and turning a blind eye to the summer of rioting. Nothing helps the poor like a good job, and President Trump showed that with rising wages for low income and minorities.

To keep voters, Democrats need to convince them they are getting something. Part timers and entry level receive minimum, so it doesn't affect that many people--but then the other wages must be moved up, and the employer hires fewer teens and women wanting some part time work.

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