Friday, January 01, 2021

Child stars—what became of—Barry and Stan Livingston

To avoid watching ABC news in the kitchen during breakfast, my husband’s been watching MeTV channel that plays old reruns.  Since “My three sons” ran for 12 years (1960-1972), I’ve seen a lot of the cute little Barry Livingston (Ernie), who is adopted by the father in the series (Fred MacMurray) after the oldest son gets married and leaves the show in 1965.  That way they didn’t have to change the title.

During the lockdown I’ve seen a lot of movies and TV shows, and I’ve been wondering what became of the children on those shows, so I looked up these talented, cute kids.  Here’s Barry Livingston singing a song about his own adopted brother, Gene.

Of all the characters on the show, according to Wikipedia he’s the only one still acting.  Apparently, he also has a YouTube Channel and enjoys singing and composing. He says his parents had 3 sons, adopted 3, and they were also foster parents.

And here’s a YouTube (2012) about Stanley Livingston (Chip) who is Barry Livingston’s (Ernie) real life brother. Provides some insights into how the show and cast worked together.

Barry and Stan talk about 4 generations watching their show (now on MeTV)

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