Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Anti-racism isn't what you think

 The so-called "anti-racism" movement doesn't mean what you think. It means you are a racist and you need to change. It's today's critical race theory, and that's not what you might have learned about critical theory if you were in college a few decades ago. But woke leaders get led astray by non-profits looking for grants and wealthy leaders of organizations pushing to divide our country. Saw this in the OSU news today:

"Chancellor and CEO Hal Paz, MD, shares the significance of the anti-racism movement within our health system and defines the difference between anti-racism vs. not racist. Developed by the ARAP Faculty and Staff Training and Development Action Group, Minute Matters is a monthly series of short videos highlighting an important topic or key term pertinent to the anti-racism movement."

At its root, it is anti-white, anti-America, anti-capitalism and anti-western civilization. You will never not be a racist. The micro charges will just get smaller and smaller and include some really big values.
Are you ready to give up on ‘objective, rational, linear thinking, “ “controlled emotions,” “the scientific method,” and “quantitative research” all defining characteristics of being a racist.

How about such values as “individual responsibility,” or “working hard for success,” or “plan for the future,” or “delayed gratification." You must be a racist.

Do you value “continual improvement and progress,” or "written tradition,” or "personal property ownership?” Oh my, you are such a racist.

Or maybe you think the “nuclear family is the best social unit” for raising the next generation, and God forbid, you believe in Jesus Christ (or any god). You just may be hopelessly mired in White Culture and will require deprogramming. If you voted for Trump, you could lose your job.

I haven't read Dr. Paz's message, and don't want to. He probably needs to save his job from a twitter mob. But if you really are curious about anti-racism, read this one. And if you are an OSU alumni, close your wallet and demand some accountability.  

What anti-racism really means and how to talk about it - The Spectator - news, politics, life & arts

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