Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Alex Azar vs. Xavier Becerra

Joe Biden's pick for HHS is Xavier Becerra, an anti-life, pro-big government, California bureaucrat with no health experience. The current secretary of HHS is Alex M. Azar II. Azar is also a lawyer who clerked for Scalia, and worked in the Bush administration. In this bio, notice the buzz words you'd never find in a Democrat resume: patient-centric, affordable, personalized, patient in control, treated like a human being not a number, transparent price and quality, regulatory relief, and more options. In the rule guide of forbidden words, these will be on the Democrat list. Azar developed and led President Trump’s vision for healthcare: a patient-centric, affordable, personalized system that puts the patient in control and treats the patient like a human being, not like a number. He has pioneered a patient-centered approach to the value-based transformation of the American healthcare system, including through transparency around price and quality, outcomes-based payments, interoperable health IT, provider collaboration, and unprecedented regulatory relief that places patients over paperwork. Under his tenure, HHS has transformed the pharmaceutical marketplace, driving down drug prices through a comprehensive drug pricing strategy and approval of historic levels of generic, brand, and biosimilar drugs. The Department has also worked to make health insurance more affordable and created more options for Americans who lack employer-based insurance." https://www.hhs.gov/.../secretary/alex-m-azar/index.html

President Trump got rid of the hated and illegal mandate, but Sen. John McCain went against his party and the AZ voters who supported him, to stab him in the back on dissolving an over priced and underused Obamacare, which many couldn't afford but were forced to purchase. Even with 5 government plans about 15% of Americans did not have or chose not to purchase health insurance when Obama took office. That administration destroyed adequate or affordable insurance for millions and they definitely did not get to keep their doctor and they were forced to purchase less desirable, less affordable plans filled with features they didn't need. And still over 8% didn't have insurance when he left office. His legacy--more bureaucracy and more interference in our lives.

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