Sunday, December 20, 2020

Zoom--will there be more to come?

 I'd been concerned about how dependent American churches had become on Zoom.  Hate to see this story about infiltration by Communist China.

Zoom employee was Chinese spy who shut down anti-China video - TheBlaze

Zoom helped China suppress U.S. calls about Tiananmen, prosecutors allege - The Washington Post

FAQ on Zoom Security Issues - The Citizen Lab

Zoom’s Waiting Room Vulnerability - The Citizen Lab

"Zoom and other providers have experienced breakneck growth as people around the world get used to working from home and communicating with family and friends online.

For Zoom, that growth has also revealed security vulnerabilities and a relationship with China that had at least one conservative pundit calling for a boycott.

"Stop using Zoom immediately," said Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk in a tweet. "Any tech company that aligns with China must be ex-communicated from our country. The Chinese Communist Party is using Zoom as a way to spy on our citizens." " Politifact

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