Sunday, December 20, 2020

Things you didn't need to know about the movie Hoosiers

 My husband was a Hoosier in high school (Arsenal Technical High School) and knew well the story about little Milan High school winning the state championship in basketball in 1954.  In those days all schools competed against each other, not just schools their own size. 1954 State Champions - Milan Indians - Milan 1954 Museum (  So when the movie Hoosiers came out in 1987, we of course had to see it, and have watched it many times.  It also makes it more interesting that Duke Low, one of Bob's high school buddies has a small part in it.  It goes by so fast, I can never catch it, however.  Duke has been active in community theater most of his adult life and we see him at reunions.

"A Million Movies" is a series narrated by Jeff Terrel and if you are even just an ordinary, once a year movie goer, you'll enjoy the behind the scenes peek at the movies you've forgotten. Here's "Fifteen things you didn't need to know about Hoosiers"  A really great underdog story.

A fan of the movie and the series writes in the comments: "My son and I went to visit as many filming locations from Hoosiers in June of 2019. My son just graduated high school and he and I love the movie. The main gym is a tourist attraction in Knightstown, IN. One of the playoff games’ gym is at Saint Phillip Neri School, in Indianapolis. This gym has not been preserved well. Butler field house, where the state championship was filmed, is exceptional, and the Cafe was in New Richmond, Indiana. Another playoff gym is in Lebanon, Indiana. That gym is part of a senior living facility. The old Hugh school has been converted, and other living corridors have been constructed. If it had not for the head maintenance man, we would not had been able to play on it. This gentleman, and everyone we met in Indiana, were unbelievably kind and welcoming to their Texas visitors. It was so cool to visit those sites."

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