Saturday, December 19, 2020

Are there still rational Democrats?

 Asked Mike Huckabee in today's newsletter

"In recent weeks, Rep. Gabbard has backed bills to protect girls’ sports from males claiming they’re female, to bar abortions of babies that have developed to the point of being able to feel pain and to require doctors to give a base level of care to babies born alive during abortion procedures. Not long ago, all three of those measures would have struck the average American as unnecessary because how could anyone in their right mind think that a boy who claims to feel like a girl really was a girl, that doctors shouldn’t give life-saving care to any newborn baby, or that babies in late stages of development should be allowed to be butchered in the womb?

Unfortunately, we've not talking about people in their right minds, we're talking about people with left minds. Today, the Democratic Party has become so radical in its embrace of transgenderism and abortion that Rep. Gabbard is being vilified by the left for tiptoeing even one inch outside their approved circle of insanity.

Rep. Gabbard was a guest on my TBN show when she was running for President and being treated very badly by her own Party (that claims to stand up for women, but only certain women with certain beliefs.) We disagree on most issues, but we had a friendly conversation about things on which we found common ground. I’m sure she was vilified by the left just for talking to me, too.

It’s long been said that a conservative is a liberal who got mugged. I’m hoping and praying that Rep. Gabbard, if she stays in the Democratic Party at all, represents the start of a coming awakening and revolt by Democrats with common sense who are tired of having their grasp of reality mugged by radical left insanity."

I thought Gabbard was a three time winner in the primaries--a female, minority veteran.  But it wasn't to be so, instead we got a senile old white guy with 40+ years in the biz (and now compromised by his China connections) and an Indian-Jamaican American with a very bad record as a prosecutor that not even 1% of Democrats wanted in the primary, so she called them all racists.  Well, Mike, I hope you're right.  It would be good to see some sanity.

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