Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Switching from Fox to Newsmax for news

It’s so difficult to find the right contact to let a tv or radio show know they are doing something right.  I think this went to customer service, but I wanted to let Rob Finnerty know I’ve been enjoying his morning show:

“Sending a comment to Rob on Wake Up America to let you know how much I'm enjoying the morning shows (I watch several).  I Wake Up with you while on my exercycle--I do about 10 miles, stopping to walk and stretch.  I'm 81.  I left Fox about 3 weeks ago, so this is some adjustment for an old lady. I think Newsmax is more conservative than Fox, however, there is a clear distinction on Newsmax between opinion shows and news shows.  I like that.  I can make up my own mind if you provide the sources. Your guests are reasonable, yet conservative, a view difficult to find on the alphabet media and other cable shows. No one is shouting at me or becoming hysterical. I'm a retired university librarian, so I'm not looking for recipes, fashion or theater reviews.  Thanks for the news. I've been blogging for over 17 years.”

Copied from Linked IN:

Rob Finnerty is the anchor of 'Wake Up America' on Newsmax in New York City. He is a former Morning News Anchor in market 11 Tampa, Florida at WTSP 10 News. In 2016, he was part of a groundbreaking team that launched a morning show with a completely new format in a newsroom-based studio. The show was unlike anything else in local television, and quickly become the standard for how viewers consume local television news in the market.

Before moving to Newsmax, Finnerty was an Anchor/Reporter in Kansas City, MO, and co-hosted the talk show 'Better Kansas City' with a live studio-audience. He has also worked as an anchor at KBAK/KBFX in Bakersfield, California and as a sports anchor & reporter at New England Cable News (now NBC) in Boston, MA. At just 25, he covered the World Series, Super Bowl & the 2008 NBA Finals. Rob is originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts and he graduated with a degree in Communications from Fairfield University in Fairfield, CT. His passions in the industry center around politics, sports and major domestic and international headlines and he is represented by Ken Lindner who can be reached directly at

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