Saturday, December 05, 2020

California: the Failed State

The First, a conservative news channel, was showing a special report on California, referred to as California, the cradle of crazy. Not sure when it originally debuted—Saturday morning is usually not that time slot.  Here are some take away. It’s on YouTube:

California used to be a Red State (Republican, conservatives).  What happened, how did it become a one party state with Democrat super majorities? 

The host of this special asked Chuck DeVore of Texas, who use to live in California.  He attributed it to the loss of the aerospace industry loss after the end of the Cold War.  Also after the 80s amnesty for illegals, there was a huge influx of illegals, who could be bought by the Democrats. Big Tech rather than agriculture  is now dominate, and rather than being libertarian in outlook it is actually socialist.  Hispanic immigration is not monolithic—middle class with education and capital goes to Texas and poor, low skilled to California. (Chuck Devore, John Philips,)

The news moves east to west, but the culture moves west to east.  California’s culture is being exported to other states. There is an impulse to regulate everything—home ownership is giving way to renters. There are fewer stakeholders and taxes don’t matter.  Middle class renters have a different perspective than home owners.

Katy Grimes, author of California’s War against Donald Trump" was interviewed on corruption in the the state house and executive branch.  Wow.  That was depressing—especially a run down on Kamala Harris, who ignored the San Bernadino terrorist crimes yet went after the Planned Parenthood scandal. Also the guy running for Secretary of State, big anti-2nd amendment guy who was running guns for Islamic terrorists and Chinese.

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