Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The transgender cancel culture hoax

The transgender movement may be the biggest "cancel culture" of them all. And it's all to cancel women. Transman or transwoman, makes no difference. It all cancels women and their specialness. I had a really good friend who thought he was a woman--long before it became trendy. He was a Christian, slightly built, odd, quirky and incredibly bright. Now (or the last time I saw him 20 years ago) he says he's a woman--Christian, slightly built, odd, quirky and incredibly bright but wearing make-up and wearing women's clothing. It's also pretty convenient to cancel the homosexuals too, since most don't see themselves as a wannabe anything but what they are.

Some things to read on this hoax--although they don't actually say what I do--that the trans-movement is anti-women. That it is the ultimate anti-female snuff movement.

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