Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The media awakens from a deep sleep

Is it wonderful or awful to see our media and culture icons awakening from their zombie zone of ignoring the assault on the Trump campaign?

NYT has discovered the Hunter Biden illegal pay-offs and the Joe Biden sexual assault charge.

AMA has announced that HCQ was OK after all and there is speculation that its use may account for lower numbers in other countries where Trump hate didn't define medical policy.

More is coming out about Facebook and Big Tech money influencing the campaign, not just the shutting down of conservative commentary.

And now we see a prominent Democrat who lead the impeachment brawl and ran for president in the primaries was involved in a honey pot scandal with a Chinese spy Fang Fang--until 2015! The Obama years. Where was our protected by the first amendment free press? Are there only leaks in the Trump administration, never Obama?

A prominent Houston researcher notes that even some of his front line medical workers, particularly blacks, have been misled about the safety of the covid vaccines and fear getting the vaccine. Gee, I wonder which Trump haters caused that? Newsom? Cuomo?

More evidence that the virus isn't killing us, but the lockdowns are. We're losing more life years in the 25-44 age group from non-covid causes than from the disease. (A life year works like this--I may have have 8 life years lost if I died of Covid, but a 25 year old that commits suicide or ignores a medical problem like cancer or heart is losing 60 life years.

John Brennan said no spying under oath, later found untrue, admitted he didn't see evidence for the charges against Trump, but made the rounds of the TV shows telling the gullibles of CNN and MSNBC that he believed Trump a tool of the Russians.

Obama CIA Head Brennan Lies Again About 'No Spying On Trump' (

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