Saturday, December 19, 2020

You are not alone--New Book by Roger D. Blackwell, Ph.D.

How do you survive birth as a still-born baby in the Missouri Ozarks, learn hard work as a kid on the farm, and obtain a college education without debt or money from parents?  Those are just a few of the topics in a new book by Dr. Roger Blackwell, You Are Not Alone and Other Lessons a Teacher Learned from Parents, Professors, and 65,000 Students (Union Hill Publishers, 2020).

After studying at Northwest Missouri State and the University of Missouri, Dr. Blackwell received a Ph.D. from Northwestern University before becoming Professor at The Ohio State University in the Fisher College of Business and the College of Medicine.  At Ohio State, he taught Marketing and Consumer Behavior in mega sections of 1,000 students per quarter as well as courses in Quantitative Research, Thanatology and Black Business Studies.  His 65,000 students over 40 years at Ohio State is believed to be more than any other U.S. professor.  He also co-authored Consumer Behavior, a pioneering textbook used throughout the world in multiple languages and editions.  His previous 39 books were about business and economics but his new book You Are Not Alone is about lessons from life observed over many decades teaching and researching on six continents.  Among lessons he learned at an early age was how get an education while working part-or full-time and how to buy a rental property at age 16 and use it to finance graduate education.

While a graduate student at Northwestern, he also learned the answer to what he considers the most important question anyone can ask, Does God Exist? In You Are Not Alone, he explains how to answer that question along with many other lessons from his early life in Missouri, near death experiences, and teaching on six continents.

You Are Not Alone also describes how after retiring from the university, he was sentenced to a Federal Correctional Institution where he tutored hundreds of inmates to receive a GED, and learned lessons about a nation that can only be learned in prison. He found helping inmates prepare for a better life after their release was just as rewarding as placing hoods on Ph.D. students in universities.  Before prison, Blackwell defended God; in prison, he learned to depend on God.   While in prison, Blackwell also began writing Saving America: How Garage Entrepreneurs Grow Small Firms into Large Fortunes, his other recent book describing how to start and grow a successful business, also published by Union Hill.

Blackwell now lives in Columbus, Ohio where he continues his career serving on boards of private organizations and teaches business seminars in the U.S. and other nations. You Are Not Alone and Other Lessons a Teacher Learned from Parents, Professors and 65,000 Students is available from Amazon and other booksellers and his website    

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