Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Keep your eyes open, not for "news" but for the lack of it.

1) Biden's racist comments about his pick for secretary of defense. Apparently wants to "pay him back" (the implication that it's his race and "him" being all blacks), but he was the guy who helped Biden and Obama and the gun running scheme during their administration. So if a black general orders bombs on a white population in the Middle East it's OK?  Biden makes pitch for retired general to be Pentagon chief (

2) Schumer claiming that with a flick of the pen Biden can and will forgive trillions in student loan debt. I thought the House controlled the purse. Media were calling Trump a Nazi and traitor for even exercising the rights given a president. At least the wall had been voted on and approved (2006 Secure Fence Act). It was just Trump they didn't like when he tried to act on it. And it was Obama who was chief deporter and cage builder, not Trump.

3) The media are giving Biden the soft shoe dance routine, ignoring the things they screamed about when they were trying to undo the 2016 election. Like a civilian run military and how long a general needs to be retired before joining the cabinet.

4) Disagreements on who gets the vaccine, and federal mandate to wear masks--most of the population is at a very low risk. Forcing 100 days of mask wearing (during the same time the vaccine is reducing risk, so he can get the credit) . My generation is at risk, middle age and below, not so much--they are at greater risk for flu. I'm not an anti-vaxxer, but children don't need this until we know the long term affects.

5) If we give the federal government this kind of power (over the states), what will happen when something like MERS with a 50% mortality rate reappears? Covid19 has a mortality rate of .3% overall and about 5% in my age group with co-morbidities.

6) I've heard that at least one of the "unbiased fact checkers" used by Google and Facebook is China owned, Communist controlled, and it has been used to shut down freedom of speech and thought in China. I haven't checked his, but perhaps others have 

 7) Quarantining an entire population and locking down the economy has never been used as a public health measure by any nation, and now practically the whole world (except China) is doing it. On the other hand, we have libraries full of published, peer-reviewed research on what happens to lower income children in one parent families when they fall behind early in education. They NEVER catch up. Why are Democrats/liberals/socialists imposing this on the poor? Because they can.

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