Friday, December 04, 2020

Biden's shaggy dog tail

 Now Joe Biden says he slipped and broke his foot because he got out of the shower and chased his dog and slipped on a rug.

Adults older than 65 years of age suffer the greatest number of fatal falls. 37.3 million falls that are severe enough to require medical attention occur each year. Will we have 37.3 million people hospitalized with Covid this year? Should we destroy our economy because old people fall and need medical attention? The one-year mortality rate in seniors over 60 is as high as 58% following injuries related to trips, slips, and falls, statistics in the elderly show. For Covid it's 5.6%. Should the schools close? The death rate for older Americans is much higher for whites than blacks--it's much higher in Wisconsin than in Alabama, but to my knowledge no one has a grant to determine the cause of the racial gap.

That said, how do you get the picture of a wet, naked Biden chasing a dog out of your head?

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