Sunday, December 20, 2020

Watching the Cheddar channel

I've seen the Cheddar app scroll by on my screen, so today I decided to try it.  Sunday is not a regular news day, so I don't know how typical it is.  It was offering a subscription to a service called Curiosity Stream. I came in the middle showing how a change in type face saved the New York transit system--Helvetica, one of my husband's favorite fonts.  But it went on to discuss LEGEND which has been studies to show improvement in reading speed.  I don't need an additional service, have too much TV now, but some good documentaries would certainly be a relief from some of the distasteful, overly sexualized and violent offerings. How the NYC Subway Was Saved By a Typeface on Cheddar 

CuriosityStream to Go Public via Reverse Merger Deal on Cheddar

As seen on Cheddar--why is all the Great Christmas music from the 40s and 50s 

I've always thought "I'll be home for Christmas" (1943) is the saddest of all holiday songs.

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Dan Nieman said...

Interesting, I've only watched Cheddar in short portions, when channel surfing.