Wednesday, December 30, 2020

National Association of Black Journalists

The National Association of Black Journalists in partnership with Facebook is looking for emerging journalists to participate in fact-checking fellowships in U.S. newsrooms. That should be interesting given that there are many black conservatives and their opinions and stories are being ridiculed or deep-sixed. Hey, kids, you dance with the one who brought you whether black, white, or other. 

It's interesting that in the article it is referred to as a "fact checking industry." What? Race baiting and woke poking are also industries--with a few at the top doing extremely well. Journalism is all about facts? I thought it was about opinion. Daily Beast and WaPo call their opinion rags "news." How about the fact that more blacks voted for Trump than any Republican in recent history? Or, maybe that blacks were opening and investing in their own businesses at an unprecedented rate under this president, or that lower income Americans benefitted at a higher rate from the Trump tax cuts than higher quintiles? What about "defund the police" with BLM hurting blacks more than other groups by ignoring crime? Think they'll give that story a fail just because there is a black fact checker on fellowship.

If we must have racial balance in all professions, how about NFL, NBA and MLB? I don't see enough Asians and women on those teams.

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