Monday, December 14, 2020

The big day is here

Today, December 14,  the electors of each state cast their vote in the Electoral College, that much hated, peculiar entity that elects the President. An amazing invention so that 47 states aren't ignored and that even the little guy gets representation. It's also the day the vaccine that our President fought, badgered, and bullied for to get it out in record time to defeat the virus is being administered. The Democrats will always ignore this, because they could have never done it and they know they weaponized it at our expense to defeat the man who had exposed them (both parties). No matter how the vote goes with the Electoral College, we know Trump has been the winner in both the election and the vaccine. I will be in line when it comes to the elderly in Ohio, and I'll whisper, "Thank you, President Trump. You have triumphed."

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