Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Racism rears its ugly head again--teachers and elderly are TOO white

 It's a form of eugenics.

After 9 months of preaching "science" at us (unless it was a therapeutic the President recommended then it wasn't science, it was hate that came to the fore), our national health plan is now to NOT vaccinate seniors after the hospital workers, but to use race as the criteria.  Blacks are not less healthy because of their race; it's their lifestyle.  Fewer children raised with married parents, more obesity, more life style diseases, poor diets (by choice), and higher crime rates. It's not racist to use medical science instead of social change goals.  

Those woke goals have never been shown to improve the health and welfare of minorities.  This pandemic and the leftist goals behind the plan to close down the economy, shut down the best chance minorities have had in my lifetime to achieve, thrive and excel--the Trump economy. The Left is terrified that minorities will get ahead--they could lose the lock on their vote.  It would take a few months for  them to get to me because there are a lot of logistics to get people convinced and lined up.  I prefer to get the vaccine after a few bugs are worked out.  But minorities are already very reluctant.  I watched Dr. Varon of Houston on Newmax this morning, and he said about 50% of his healthcare workers do NOT plan to get the vaccine. At Houston Hospital, Head Of COVID-19 Unit Sees Some Staff Wary Of A Vaccine : NPR  When asked why, he said most of them are black and Latinx, and because of a history of racism in the 1950s and 1960s, they are suspicious of being a guinea pig.  Add to that the number of educated, wealthy, crunchies who are anti-vaxxers anyway, and you can see we've got a problem. 

 Our medical ethics swamp has decided the elderly are "too white." But their own history (which includes Medicaid and Obamacare) has made minorities suspicious and reluctant to trust their own industry.  Add to that the critical race theory that is invading every level of education, all the non-profits and the corporations, plus many churches, plus four years of demeaning the President who got the Warp Speed program going in record time, and we've got a full fledge mess on our hands. Minority health care workers are also more suspicious of Trump (wonder whose fault that is--Gov. Cuomo and Gov. Newsom and MSM have continually laid a foundation of doubt that this vaccine could be safe). 

Harald Schmidt, an expert in ethics and health policy at the University of Pennsylvania, says because older people are whiter, this will "level the playing field." What? Kill off granny in the nursing home so a Walmart stocker who because of youth isn't at risk can be first in line? Does that make sense? If this is "ethics" is suspiciously pre 20th century. And teachers are too white? Democrats/liberals/progressives definitely plan to keep the schools on lockdown and destroy another generation of black children who are already being short changed.
Medical Ethicist: Elderly Shouldn't Get Vaccines First Because They're Too White | National Review

Experts debate CDC guides for vaccine: ‘white people dying will level playing field,' teachers are too white (

‘Level The Playing Field A Bit’: ‘Ethics Expert’ Implies Vaccines Shouldn’t Be Prioritized For Elderly Because They’re ‘Whiter’ | The Daily Caller

It's shocking how the left is willing to let people die because they hate Trump.  Oh, and have you noticed that the AMA has flipped on HCQ American Medical Association Rescinds Hydroxychloroquine Prevention Order – [your]NEWS and now all of a sudden with the vaccine available it's no longer "unscientific" to talk about herd health? Fauci Predicts U.S. Could See Signs Of Herd Immunity By Late March Or Early April : Coronavirus Updates : NPR  A few months ago, that concept was ridiculed.

The infamous Zeke Emanuel, buddy and advisor to Obama, and the "too white" for prime time Schmidt co-authored a textbook titled, “Rationing and Resource Allocation in Healthcare.”  What Tucker has to say about being "too white." Not a big deal to kill people because they are white.

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