Monday, December 28, 2020

What is patriotism? Ask a Hungarian

I've been spending some hours away from American cable TV and watching Israeli i24 channel which has excellent international coverage, particularly of middle east and some Africa and Europe. Learned about the Moroccan delegation visiting Israel. Interesting to watch Covid coverage on the international scene. Every nation is having 2nd and 3rd waves, no one is blaming Trump like our TDS Democrats, and everyone is vaccinating. I think Israel will win that race for highest and fastest rate vaccinated. Israel's cases are soaring as are South Africa. Everyone complains about their young adults not taking precautions. It seems to be party time in South Africa. Not much difference between blacks and whites--both are being irresponsible according to the health official interviewed. I watched a 30 minute interview of the Hungarian foreign minister who seems to be a rising star in his early 40s; he's called "right wing." So I listened to see if that meant he was a Trump supporting white supremacist. No. It means he believes Hungary has a right to control its own borders; support for Christian values; strong economic investment environment; saving Hungary's western cultural heritage; standing up to the Leftists; being suspicious of Iran's motives; a positive relationship with Israel and being watchful of Turkey's motives and encroachment and loving his country. He wants mutual respect from Biden--fat chance, since Biden is soft on Iran and China.

Also, one of the Chinese "citizen-journalists" (I think that is another term for blogging or tweeting) who blew the whistle on the Chinese virus is getting 4 years in prison. Now, in the U.S. not since Obama have any journalists gone to jail, but there is a Facebook and YouTube jail for anyone who blows the whistle on the news media's monopoly on the virus narrative. And I love watching Israeli technology news. A new Israeli made mask might neutralize 99% SARS-COV2 virus within just 30 minutes. of exposure

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