Sunday, December 13, 2020

Why I still support President Trump, musings and opinion

In 2016, I was not an enthusiastic Trump supporter. But I saw results in his presidency I hadn't seen in my entire life.

1. Lots of presidents have claimed to be supporters of the unborn, the weakest and most fragile of all Americans. He's the only President who has been their advocate, both in supporting the larger political pro-life movements and organizations, but in attempting to reduce the demonic threat of Planned Parenthood. I'm a one issue voter, because without life, the other advantages of being an American don't matter. His was not just a campaign promise. He took action and provided moral support.

2. Being a Trump supporter is an adult education like we've never had before. He was not indebted to either party and we really saw the fangs and claws come out when he began calling out the good old boys' club that is DC politicking. We saw the unelected bureaucrats rise up and defend their lives at the public trough. We knew the legislatures at the state and federal level had become very weak, but we really took notice on how the most insignificant judge on the lowest court could take on the president and prevent him from undoing the shady Executive Orders of the previous president.

3. We began to see why his slogan "Make America Great Again" was such an anathema to Democrats, increasingly controlled by its left flank. Why the red hats had to be snatched from heads, and ugly arguments started. Why the pink hats had to make women look like blood thirsty baby killers.

  • 3-a The United States has been horribly weakened by foreign infiltrators who fund and support Communist movements within. These movements rewrite history and try to destroy positive gains in the last decades in race relations, class distinctions, and age discrimination.  Peaceful, cooperative Americans are a threat to global power.
  • 3-b Hard work and ambition were renamed by these demonic forces as "white privilege" even as blacks had become some of the wealthiest opinion makers and most powerful politicians in our country, and there are 2 full time cable channels (all white) devoted just to Spanish language programming.
  • 3-c Every difference in culture or preference or speech was shouted down as microaggression and dog whistles.
  • 3-d Minorities were demeaned by the Democrats and Never Trumpers as being helpless victims if they tried to leave the party or start a successful business.
  • 3-e The police were caricatured as criminals even though statistics for police violence were at an all time low, and black on black crime was rising again. The leftists were so panicked that with the help of members of Congress, they began demands to "defund" the police and replace them with social workers, as though criminals were just misunderstood children.
  • 3-f National pass times and leisure industries like sports, late night TV "comedy," social media, theatre, movies and the overwhelming liberal and classist academe industry joined forces to ridicule and finger point at the outsider in the White House, who knew a better way to reduce the size of government and raise incomes for all.
  • 3-g While Trump worked quietly to get a better balance in the courts, he was very successful, and unless the new appointees lose their love for the Constitution, future Americans will not have the burden of a plastic ever changing law based on the feelings and personalities of the judges.
  • 3-h The international events have been incredible. The Leftists gnashed their teeth when Trump soothed the little North Korean despot, and they swore it would be WWIII. Trump got us out of ridiculous international agreements which would allow China and India to move ahead, while we Americans paid higher taxes for their pollution. The accomplishments in the Middle East should be his biggest legacy and the previous presidents from Carter to Clinton to Bush to Obama, should hang their heads in shame for at least not moving the capital of Israel as they all promised and then "forgot" has their loyalty to Muslim dictators took over.
  • 3-i  The virus that began in Wuhan, China, and spread all over the world, the leftists finally had to blame on President Trump. His operation warp speed they’ve tried to belittle and demean because it’s never been done before as a business man would tackle a problem. The Left can’t let this stand, and will blame every death on Trump rather than those politicians who continue to welcome foreigners (especially Chinese) into their cities where it spread beyond control.

4. Perhaps we were most educated about the role of media in our culture and politics. Never (with the exception of Mrs. Abraham Lincoln) has a FLOTUS been so maligned or ignored, criticized for her accent, her good works, and even her Christmas decor! Never has a president with Jewish in-laws and grandchildren been called a Nazi--but then, have we ever had a President with a Jewish daughter? The media criticized his business acumen and properties, while ignoring the clear criminal behavior of Joe and Jim Biden, and Hunter Biden. We saw a news media who were completely not interested in investigation, truth, history, the Constitution, or anything other than the commands from above, like Zucker on CNN. Although we have many more outlets for information, with hundreds, maybe thousands of podcasts, blogs, vlogs, "expert witnesses," independent researchers and writers, we also have a constipated traditional media begging for clicks on their websites, and being wolves in sheepskins. We’ve seen the media report only on “peaceful” protests of BLM and Antifa, for fear it might anger their growing left wing audience. And then blame their crimes on the President.  Yes, we’ll all remember the summer of 2020 as many blacks died but the media only cared about George Floyd.

5. We've seen how words that used to have meaning, like racist, Nazi, white supremacist, terrorist, have all been made meaningless by the new "woke" mentality--pieces of rope on garage doors or hoaxes perpetrated with great attention like Jesse Smollet's, when in fact President Trump has done more for minorities in education, prison sentences, rising income and lower unemployment than any president in my life time. And he's done it by NOT treating them as helpless victims who need government assistance. He's treated them as people worthy of respect--and for that he's called a Nazi. As an aside, we've been educated that half of educated Americans don't know that a National Socialist (Nazi) and a Communist are brothers under the skin, one with local plans to invade and take over, and the other with global plans. Either way, Trump has done neither--hasn't invaded any countries with which we share a border, and he hasn't worked with China to infiltrated other countries. 

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