Friday, December 18, 2020

Appreciating a haven for those who’ve left the Democrats

There’s a movement afoot to “walkaway” from the Democrat party.  Some of the millions who have done it have personal reasons—they were rejected by friends and family for asking sensible questions about the goals of the party. This was an interesting, well written posting on Facebook.

“You know, one thing I really grew to appreciate over the last election season was reading the #walkaway stories. They were from everywhere. They were the classic tapestry that is America. They were from all walks of life, races, creeds, faith experiences and sexual orientations. The common thread is that they wanted to stand together in the goal of betterment for all.

75 million people chose to stand together. You will never convince me that anywhere near that number hung together as a coalition for Biden/Harris Basement Campaign and if they did, they were not paying attention to the back door deals that were being made along the way. I love you all [members of the Walkaway movement].  I pray blessings on each of you.

But just know that this election was about so much more than Trump. It was about deposing Washington Swamp Politics. They tried everything in their power to get rid of Trump because he did not play by their rules. I wish he had tweeted less. Gosh, I wish someone had taken away his phone.  But he got a lot of important things done. If you don’t agree, no need to educate me. I actually read a lot. The truth is, Hillary was “supposed” to win and Trump got in their way. They fought and challenged and subverted and lied and impeached to no avail for 4 years.

Then they made sure they cheated well enough to claim a victory for a man whose rallies could not draw flies. Although the courts have turned away cases, they have not disputed the cheating. They have only refused to make a ruling. The courts are not going to do that. So between now and January 20, 2021, I hope President Trump will continue to press forward and fight the good fight. He has cut taxes, secured our borders, strengthen trade agreement , implemented tariffs, strengthened funding for HBCU’s, spearheaded a COVID mobilization that has us months if not years beyond what the naysayers told us. He brokered many peace deals and has been nominated for 3 Nobel Peace Prizes.

The left will be pressing Joe to undo everything. And yeah, that makes me sad. I’ve always identified as Republican, but I have realized after this cycle that R’s and D’s are not that different. You just pick the lesser of the evils and pray they don’t sell you out as soon as their office is assigned to them. And the media are Oh ever so willing to feed you the Company line. Their 6 to 7 figure salaries are secure so long as they read the appropriate talking points. They call people like myself names, say we’re stupid and uninformed, all the while, covering up the fact that the only Russia collusion was Democrat purchased, the only Ukrainian scandal which led to the impeachment mess was about Hunter and the media covered that up.

And this is what makes me sad. When you read the Walkaway stories, they were people who saw the power of unity as Americans voting for the love of One Country United. They were able to set aside their difference for love of Country. They didn’t like the idea of violent summers and freedoms compromised. Nothing scary. Just a lot of people working together to make things better for us all. So although I always saw myself as a Walkwith, I guess I am a Walkaway, too. My heart breaks for what we are losing and what should have been. God help us. I really pray please God, help us. This was a moment in time when we had a chance to improve the lives of so many and it was stolen. It breaks my heart. It really does. (Stanla Finley)

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