Saturday, December 26, 2020

Facebook can’t face the truth

Zuckerberg and his wife supported Biden/Harris big time, funneling mega-bucks for training poll workers and campaigners.  And we all know how that campaign fraud went.  However, it is technically free, and those of us who use it need to know the only product FB sells is us—our information.  Personal information about buying habits, religion, politics, opinions, photos—it’s all consumed and regurgitation by Facebook to buy and sell us. 

But Facebook is also pushing it’s own politics, and will blacklist our posts that they don’t like.  I’m reposting some of my blogs at my Facebook site, and they all come up with a warning—even if it is a recipe or a holiday tradition. FB by technical snooping knows I’m not one of them.  I’m just some deranged, low class, low caste college educated American who escaped the clutches of the Democrat party in 2000 for fresh air, liberation and truth.  There are a lot of us out there—every ethnicity, age, sex, religion—black, brown, white, rich, poor, employed, retired, Protestant, Jew, Muslim, Catholic. The U.S. capitalist system with freedom of religion and the religion of meritocracy has allowed Zuckerberg to arise to the heights of success, but he landed on a dead branch of socialism and is trying to clip the wings of others.  Ironically, it’s the capitalist way. Always kill off the competition.

I got a black mark for pointing out the racism and eugenics of the Leftists among us. I got a black mark for citing Newsmax, a conservative TV News source. I got a black mark for posting a an AA list on how to stay sober just for today. So I’m embedded in the the FB file dungeons as a right wing nut, no matter if I post recipes or voter fraud stories.

I have a lot of cookbooks and recipe files—some almost 100 years old, from my mom and mother-in-law to Inglenook to Betty Crocker to a collection from Ogle County Illinois homemakers.  But there are more people who have come forward to testify about voter irregularities at the polls, from the cemeteries  and from voting machines than I have recipes.  All those patriots are willing to put their reputations (and lives) on the line, and they’ve been silenced by the very government and political parties they want to save.

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