Sunday, December 20, 2020

Corona virus mutation

 "Health officials have announced a new coronavirus mutation that has been discovered in the UK, which seems to be spreading quickly in some parts of England."

I was watching Israeli TV this morning (i24) and one of the big stories was that a fast spreading mutation of the Covid19 has been found in England.  Israel has closed out tourists from that area, and is imposing new lockdowns.  I think the virus laughs at lockdowns and masks, and particularly is making fools of the Democrats who spread the hoax that the deaths and numbers on the increase are President's Trump fault.  Other countries are having the same problems, but the Trump haters used the virus to "impeach" him because he is such a threat to the entrenched politicians and bureaucracy.  

A new coronavirus mutation was discovered that’s spreading rapidly – BGR

England COVID Mutation 'Out of Control' Health Secretary Says (

Israel to ban people entering from 3 countries due to new UK strain - DeasileX

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