Saturday, September 16, 2006

2870 Go Bucks! Bucks go to the Library

The Ohio State University Department of Athletics is donating $5 million to the renovation of the main library building which is closing Sunday for four years (Columbus Dispatch, September 16, 2006). Employees, computers and materials are being moved to a number of different sites. This is the second largest donation for this renovation. About $70 million is coming from state funding, but over $30 million needed to be raised. Soliciting for libraries is tough, because they don't have a constituency (alumni) they can tap into. Changes here.

In January I wrote about the money that athletics bring in to the university here.

"Ohio State University is number one in revenue from sports teams. OSU got $89.7 million from ticket sales, royalties, advertising, broadcast agreements and other cources in 2004-05 (Columbus Dispatch, Jan. 4, 2006, version from USAToday). OSU also has the most athletes and teams in Division I NCAA--900 in 36 sports. The program receives NO money from the government or university and it paid $12 million to the university to cover athletes tuition and other expenses."

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