Saturday, November 12, 2016

Anti-Christmas bias isn't new

 In 1993, I was still 6 years away from voting for a Democrat for president, but I could certainly sniff out bias. Came across this letter of Dec. 1993 I had written to the American Library Association which had designed cards for libraries to send to other libraries and their staff.
Dear Colleagues,

Our Library received the very clever and attractive "Season's Readings" card from our sibling library, John A. Prior Health Sciences Library.

We are in complete agreement with your goal of supporting a campaign to promote libraries, reading and literacy through the sale of these cards. However, we are somewhat puzzled and curious that in your effort to include everyone else's language and holiday, you left out English speaking Christians. We Christians (a faith claimed by 1,783,660,000) also have a December holiday. In our language (spoken by 750 million others) it is called CHRISTMAS, and the traditional greeting is, "Merry Christmas."

Perhaps next year we could be included in the festivities.

Signed by me and the library supervisor, Daniel Martin

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