Saturday, November 19, 2016

Jeff Bezos the amazing capitalist

About three years ago Jeff Bezos of Amazon bought the formerly liberal, now leftist, Washington Post. Dennis Prager describes it as the National Enquirer of the left. Bezos is an amazing capitalist--has a greater networth than the Walton family of Walmart from whom he learned that moving products quickly and undercutting the competition was the quickest route to wealth. I don't think he's particularly interested in truth, objectivity or journalism; the "news" now seems to be mostly anecdotal and opinion based although there are still opinion columns. Occasionally, journalism breaks out, but not often, so maybe he just likes the idea. Only about 2% of Americans get their news from print (I read WaPo online, and am not sure how that's counted), and it's even less for those under 25 who prefer the fake news of late night comedy shows.

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