Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Jeffrey Varasano writes: "If Hillary loses (the progressive left) will cry foul and every media hack who clutched their pearls at how Trump was a threat to democracy because he wouldn't roll over during the 3rd debate will join the chorus of "rigged" and "selected, not elected."

They'll ignore that Trump beat the media, the GOP brass, the RINO punditry, AND the democrats.
They will say Comey rigged the election (and therefore) Trump is illegitimate and resist every policy.
Every bureaucrat cut will be Trump starving a puppy; every law enforced will be a Nazi police state; every foreign policy negotiation starter will be the threat of nuclear holocaust...
The left is playing for real and they never quit."

Actually, I think if Trump wins, the office of president will be greatly weakened, because neither party supports him. It will finally turn the presidency back to the level of power (not a king) intended by the Founders and return strength to the Congress which long ago abdicated power to the executive and judicial branches.  I think that's a good thing, don't you?

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