Thursday, November 17, 2016

Guaranteed Latino vote

“Four million more Latinos were eligible to vote Tuesday than in 2012. So, no matter who was running and no matter how low the turnout, the number of Latino votes counted Tuesday was virtually certain to be higher than 2012. In fact, demographic growth alone would have guaranteed Mrs. Clinton an additional 1.3 million votes (about 1 percent of the total votes cast), even if turnout remained at the same dismal rate as 2012, and she got two-thirds of the Latino votes.” (Roberto Suro, NYT)

Interesting. This New York Times opinion piece assumes the Latino vote belongs to the Democrats. GUARANTEED. Maybe Latinos care about abortion, or religious freedom, or good jobs staying in the country, or crime syndicates exerting power across the border, or refugees flooding into the country without any vetting. Just a thought, of course. It’s possible their grandparents told them about Cuba, or Honduras, or Guatemala and they don’t want what their families left.

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Anonymous said...

Latinos have all those conservative values except one--they come from countries that expect the government to take care of them, even thought they've done a bad job or they wouldn't have left!