Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Vote today for real change

No one called Trump a racist, homophobe, sexist, etc. before he came up against the Clinton Machine (with whom he used to pal around as just another rich guy) and the DNC. His record for hiring and promoting women and minorities is exemplary and there are dozens of YouTube testimonials about his behavior, professionalism, etc. But, he chose not to run as a Democrat; he could have--I think he has been both over the years, and contributed to the Clinton Foundation which is now under 5 different FBI investigations. BTW, the administrative costs for his foundation is 1%; the average for foundations is 2%. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a politician who cared about costs and could bring government costs down?
Mrs. Clinton on the other hand has been using mafia/mob techniques for 30 years to stay ahead of the law. First thing in the White House 25 years ago as FLOTUS she fired the travel staff and turned that lucrative job over to her friends. Then she tried to take over health insurance—she even brags that there was Hillarycare before Obamacare. Her name and image should be attached to the definition of GRIFTER.

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 I'm a one issue voter, LIFE, and that includes at our end of the time line, and convicted murderers. I am over 70 and are you are next. But first she must further downgrade God's creation and purpose--has to lower the age of consent, bless polygamy and also incest. Democrats are obsessed with sex while calling people names and saying they own American values.
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The best reason to elect Trump is that he is the ultimate outsider, he’s the change candidate—didn’t vote for war, hasn’t raised our taxes or stolen our health insurance. He didn’t poison Flint’s water, and he hasn’t approved a pipeline. He hasn’t cheated our veterans, or told pastors what they can preach and bakers what they can decorate. He actually uses his own money to help people.  It will be worth it just to have a president who can’t get a thing past Congress and who constantly keeps Media investigating rather than giving him a free ride like they did Obama and all Democrats.

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