Saturday, November 05, 2016

Dear Democrat voters upset about Trump

Donald Trump never voted in Congress for war. He never voted to create a Department of Education which would take away our local control of schools. He never ignored lead pipes or lead paint when science showed the danger. He never voted to raise our taxes for pet projects using trillions of dollars. He never took away Americans' health insurance when 80% were satisfied with it. 
Mr. Trump never backed building a dam or laying a pipeline changing local agriculture and the culture of minorities. He never bowed to foreign officials or monarchs. He's never made a judgment on whether babies should be dismembered in the 3rd trimester, nor issued an executive order at a Catholic University that violated church teaching. He's never asked his wife to upend the nutritionists' training and degrees who work at public schools. He's never handed over U.S. sovereignty to foreign powers to be taxed for something happening for millions of years--climate change. 
Mr. Trump has not released known felons into the general population based on their race, and terrorists to their homelands. He's never denigrated millions of fellow citizens as trash, clingers to Bible and guns, or called them deplorable or irredeemable. He's never attended the funeral of a teenager for political gain or lied to the parents of dead Americans. He's never given speeches in Muslim countries or Wall Street banks with expectation of payback. He's never cheated Haitians in rebuilding their country after an earthquake, or helped pharmaceutical companies charge outrageous prices for essential drugs. 
Yet, the sex-obsessed Democrats, who love sexually explicit entertainment even in the White House in front of children, who believe that the sexual mutilation of adults and children is a civil right to be protected, who demand integrated bathrooms and absurd pronouns in the classroom, who destroy small businesses like florists and bakeries with law suits because they don't accept the Democrats' blessing of all sexual behavior . . . say Donald Trump is lewd and crude in sexual matters.
Mr. Trump has many flaws and he wasn’t our first choice. But at least we had a choice. You Democrats had none—the DNC decided it for you.

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