Sunday, November 13, 2016

She's had enough of the whining of the last few days

"My niece's beautiful 15-year-old daughter is in an agonizing, painful, unbelievably cruel treatment for relapsed cancer. My mother is facing a possible awful diagnosis. I have relatives struggling to keep afloat financially. Most of the college students in our family are going deeply in debt for an education and working hard to make their parents proud. Many have seen their dreams destroyed and their lifetimes of hard work taken away from them by utopian policies of the elite.... Frankly, I've had enough of hired thugs and out-of-touch pundits -- not to mention the hypocritical politicians preying and getting rich off the vulnerable -- discrediting Main Street Americans and making fun of our faith and patriotism --- (and discrediting our votes). I will spend this Sabbath praying intensely for Lily, mother and those so dear to me who are suffering and living in such uncertainty and stress. I'll certainly be praying for God to renew a right spirit within me and to channel my righteous anger onto right and productive paths." Janice Shaw Crouse on Facebook

Thanks for the perspective, Janice.

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