Saturday, November 05, 2016

This election is a continental divide for the United States in morality

This is well worth a listen.  Much longer than the sermons I'm used to, but you can get the gist in the first 20 minutes. My take away from this sermon at the Denton Bible Church: 

Both candidates are seriously flawed.  Both are children of the 60s, of modernism.  But now we’re in the post-modern age. There is no foundation for truth.  Assumptions of 200 years have vanished. We are being beaten with our own stick--relativism.   Our silence in the churches has contributed.   The post modern trajectory will either be slowed down or speeded up in this election depending on which party wins.  The Democrats are not the problem--this has been the direction for 100 years. We are voting for a party platform, and this year it’s a continental divide and it’s theological--what is right and what is wrong. It’s no longer just economics or defense or foreign policy.  Never in the history of America have concepts in these platforms been considered moral or right. The shift is from God to man, from man to modernism, from modernism to post modernism.  We are not voting just for a candidate.  The President of the U.S. is in charge of the military and appointing justices according to the Constitution.  Everything else is steering a barge, but electing a Democrat in 2016 is putting the presidency on jet skis.
"It must be said that probably few of us had Donald Trump as our first choice. He wasn’t mine. I was Cruz, Rubio, then Carson because they were open Christians. Most of us said, “What would you do if it came down to Trump?” Well it did because the Republicans Party chose Donald Trump and entrusted him with their platform.

We all recognize that he’s somewhat unlikeable. We also recognize that it’s somewhat scary to have a fellow as hard -nosed as he is to be in discussions with foreign leaders who can be on the edge. And we recognize that he is untested in politics and we could all have egg on our faces in the coming years. I assure you I will be praying earnestly for Michael Pence to guide him in the civility of politics. But those things “might be,” as indeed in all elections there is a “might be” involved in all leaders. But the Democratic platform is not a “might be.” It’s a “gonna be.” A “will be.”
Donald Trump is scary because of the unknown. Hillary is scary because of the fear of the known. . . I was taught not to lie down. I will vote to oppose the loss of our freedom and the loss of life and the loss of the traditional family."
Tommy Nelson, Denton Bible Church, The Continental Divide, Oct. 23, 2016. Available on sound cloud and YouTube (58 minutes) and print.

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