Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Women want a sugar daddy--big government

Mrs. Clinton called millions of women deplorable and irredeemable. Each year she approves of the death of at least 9,000 females in late term abortions who could live outside the womb. And many thousands more if you count the annual total killed by Planned Parenthood which she admires and which contributes to her campaigns. She has committed multiple fiscal crimes with her Foundation selling favors to foreign governments that would send anyone else to jail. Her record as Secretary of State is beyond terrible. I just don't get it--white, college educated women who have voted for her--why do you think she should be the first female president? Because she's white and college educated like you?  That's the best you can do? And blacks and minorities? She wants you to stay on the plantation. Democrats have been making the same promises for the last 60 years. And you keep rewarding them by giving them power over you. 

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