Saturday, November 12, 2016

Were people voting against political correctness?

Trump was not my first or 13th choice, and pulling down political correctness wasn’t the reason I voted for him. That said, people are sick of this phoniness.

As I’ve said before, I’m a one issue voter, and believed this was the last opportunity to save babies. However, words like diversity, inclusiveness and multiculturalism have become the opposite of their accepted meaning. They might as well be called first cousins of racism, bigotry and exclusiveness.

Just for laughs, read the mission statement of a private school where wealthy and powerful liberal politicians send their children. In a school that is already only for the tippy top 1% in wealth, connections and brains, they are proud to tell you about their diverse and inclusive student body, which from the photos appears to be children of Nigerian or Chinese ambassadors.


Paula said...

People had various reasons for voting for Trump, but one thing I've noticed is that since he won, HE certainly has done a 180 and become much more smooth and polite. Where are the rude tweets and harsh words? Gone! Now he's all sugar and smiles. He had only good things to say about his meeting with President Obama, and he even complimented the "spirit" of the protesters, or something like that. It's quite amusing.

Norma said...

I noticed that, too. One guy on Fox said it's like we got 2 for 1. If he's as good a business man as he claims to be, he should know how to play all the angles.