Thursday, November 10, 2016

Get Smart Week, November 14-20

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Get Smart About Antibiotics Week is an annual one-week observance by the CDC to raise awareness of the threat of antibiotic resistance and the importance of appropriate antibiotic prescribing and use based on a September 2015 Executive Order.

Not all Executive Orders are bad or life changing. The numbers of them mean little.  FDR is the all time winner, and Bill Clinton issued more than either Bush or Obama.  It will take some research to find out if all the committees and boards on the antibiotics week (Executive Order 12353 of March 23, 1982 revised) have reported to the President. To check others, and to see if you think Congress should have been involved:

 I read through the change order for revising the wording of collecting funds and volunteer time from federal employees for distribution to voluntary organizations, and not sure I could understand the legalize. In central Ohio we get "Bucks for Charity" which is October 3-November 30 (I just received mine yesterday) listing 300 local charitable organizations to support.  I always read this carefully--many are organizations that I would never donate to. I think it's better to know the organizations personally and donate with discrimination.

I wrote about this in 2006 and found an acronym COSMO, Community Share of Mid Ohio, which appeared to get 10% of the total, and then it's organizations received percentages of that.  Here were some groups I would never donate to individually.

  •  ACLU mid-Ohio chapter, 18.8%;

    BRAVO, which works to eliminate violence perpetrated on the basis of sexual orientation and gender, 31%;

    Kaleidoscope for gay, lesbian, bixexual, transgendered and questioning youth, 14.8%;

    NARAL Pro-Choice (formerly known as National Abortion Rights Action League, then the National Abortion & Reproductive Rights Action League, but it still kills babies);

    Coalition on sexual assault;

    domestic violence network, 5.7%;

    NOW education and Legal Fund, 12% (recently changed its name to Legal Momentum apparently to hide its connection to NOW);

    Open Hand for AIDS, 15%;

    Stonewall (gay rights), 19.1%;

    a variety of environmental, disability, animal rights, and arts groups;

    Camp Fire, 28%; Cat Welfare 1%; and Habitat for Humanity, 4.9%. 
Cat Welfare is still on the list, which I think is not right (even though our sweet kitty lived there in her youth) as is NARAL.  What is Stonewall using its money for now?  Hormones for sexually confused children?


Legal Momentum said...

To clarify, Legal Momentum - the Women's Legal Defense and Education Fund - changed its name from the NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund in 2004, not "recently." The reason for the change was to avoid confusion of this organization with NOW, as they have always been separate entities.

Jean Gazis
Communications Associate
Legal Momentum

Norma said...

Yes, thank you for clarifying. I wrote that statement in 2006, and 2004 seemed recent then.