Saturday, November 12, 2016

Get lost, Lizzie

What right does Elizabeth Warren have to tell Trump to rechart his course, a course that rejected Obama's 8 years? A course that benefited only the top 5% financially, which ridiculed the faith of Christians and threatened their rights to speak out against unbiblical behaviors, a course that killed thousands in the womb, especially minorities and disabled. I suggest a bit more humility on her part. She's no longer a protected minority and not a single American needs that fake agency (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ) she headed.

[The Trump win is] "about rejecting liberal policies, and choosing the conservative vision for our country—a vision that pushes prosperity and freedom. It’s about having enough human decency to say that a child in the womb deserves the right to life. It’s about wanting to keep our country safe, and to be able to keep an America where all men and women can live in accordance with their beliefs.

Liberals can scream all they want about this being “racism” (when they’re not whining about the decline of civility in this country). But if they are serious about wanting to bring the country together, maybe they could start by realizing the lesson from election night was that millions of Americans cherish values and policies that Obama, Clinton, and many others on the left have aggressively attacked and tried to destroy."

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