Sunday, November 06, 2016

Tuesday. Who wins?

If  Donald Trump wins on Tuesday, we know what will happen. Hillary Clinton won't spend a day in prison, won't even go to trial, even as more is revealed of her dishonesty and corruption. Today the big story is about her maid printing off classified e-mails. (A Filipino maid?  Can't these people every hire an American?)  But the big story should be about how careless and stupid Mrs. Clinton is.  Little people who did much less will stay in prison and continue to speak out to no avail. Obama will still have his legacy of doing nothing for blacks as the first black president and total adoration by the left. I've been very critical of Obama these last 8 years over his policies that are detrimental for the country, but stupid and careless he is not!

 Donald Trump will only be able to slightly slow down the growth of government corruption and power because he will have no support from either party and we'll go through this again in 4 years. But perhaps by then, more conservatives will have recognized what a mess the Republican Party is, kicked out the Never Trumpers and the RINOs and built something from the ground up.

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