Monday, November 07, 2016

Are we better than a banana republic?

We know the DNC chose the Democrat candidate, but also indirectly it chose Donald Trump by directing their friends in media to give him more air time (this all came out in Wikileaks). Donna Brizile got questions; Wolf Blitzer got questions, both CNN. The DNC figured he was the weakest of a very strong group, and therefore the easiest for their flawed, criminal, aging and health challenged candidate to beat (she had a brain blood clot in 2012 and is hypothyroid, neither fatal, but energy draining from weight gain and blood thinners and both can cause mental confusion). In any other year, for anyone... not named Clinton. . . her health issues alone would disqualify her. Remember all the rumors the Democrats started about McCain in 2008 because of his age (younger than she is now)?

The Democrats and many powerful Republicans got a surprise. The American people were sick of business as usual, and liked the idea of a non-politician not beholden to lobbyists, party poo-bahs, think tank "non-profits" and unions. Also, Americans wanted just about anyone but another Clinton.

Then Wikileaks came, Bill's 45 minute secret meeting with Lynch, then FBI investigation, Project Veritas videos, huge increases in Obamacare, and the media's role in this began dribbling out--it had been rigging the debates by giving Clinton the questions. Yesterday and today—new revelations about Chelsea’s wedding and living for a decade on payouts from the Clinton Foundation. Sickening, but will be ignored. Not a sex story.

The Clinton campaign really had to hustle to find ancient stories, mostly about sex, crude language and taxes that were legal. Her Foundation has 150x the resources of the Trump Foundation, but the media could only focus on his. He actually uses his wealth for good with no payback or tax breaks; she uses her wealth to destroy the trust of the citizens. Her foundation has five criminal investigations ongoing getting very little media attention and it's the day before the election.

And this is the government we tell the world is so great they need to be like us and send refugees?

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