Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Which future do you want for our country?

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Kelly Kullberg is a personal friend and member of our church.

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Anonymous said...

First 100 days -
1) Reaffirmation of Roe vs. Wade and heralding a woman's right to choose
2) Death with dignity
3) Abolishing the Death Penalty and reforming our for-profit prison industry
4) Common sense gun restrictions
5) Stripping religious organizations of their tax exempt status
6) Universal, single-payer healthcare
7) Comprehensive immigration reform
8) Carbon Tax
9) Expanding the EPA
10) Tripling government funding to Planned Parenthood
11) Quadrupling govt funding to Public Television and Radio
12) Octupling the funding of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
13) Overturning Citizen's United
14) Means testing Social Security
15) Lifting the cap to $250K on FICA tax
16) Free 2 year college tuition for any student with a B avg or above
17) 20% reduction of our Defense Budget over a two year period
18) Redistricting, by an independent panel, of all congressional districts

Bye, bye Disgusting Donald
Bye, bye Republican party

Prediction 1 -
The Republican party will split into two factions prior to the 2020 election. Two factions making it impossible for them to win control of the White House.

Prediction 2 -
A prediction prefaced by this fact: Tomorrow will mark the anniversary of a 28 year stretch in which a GOP presidential candidate managed - on only one occasion - to win the popular vote.
The crass ignorance, misogyny, overt racism and corruption that is Donald Trump, the GOP's champion, will guarantee that 28 year streak will run to 40 years or more.

Enjoy Norma, enjoy.
The freak show that was your Grand Old Party, a party that has for too long held our nation hostage, has ended.